Thursday, October 18, 2012

Small Drawstring Bag Army

I have made more drawstring bags from Jeni's amazing pattern!  I'm posting a bit later than usual today because I wanted to finish up on the last two I was working on.

Drawstring Bags

The big two are made with Frippery by Thomas Knauer for the main exterior and the drawstrings.  The top accent parts are Avignon by Emily Taylor Design and the inside is Kona Bone.  The medium two are made out of Avignon and...something else.  I don't know what the cute circles are!  Sorry!  The drawstrings and inside of both are Frippery.  These four will be given away to new neighbors when we move.  The little one is for me!  It's made out of Domestic Bliss by Liz Scott, with Kona Bone on the inside and the Woodlands by Khristian Howell for the drawstrings.  

I just LOVE these little bags!!

And while I was taking pictures...

Drawstring Bags and Omi

...Omi had to come see what I was doing!  The bags passed their rigorous inspection, if you were wondering. :]

Also,  this is how I found Omi this morning on the guest bed...

Omi and AVB Quilt

She was testing the warmth and comfort of my sister's quilt, of course!! Can you tell that she inspects all work that is done in this house?  She's a hard little worker.  Who is quality control at your house?

Have a great day!


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