Thursday, October 4, 2012

Curved Log Cabin Quilt and Drawstring Bag

Are you tired of reading/seeing this curved log cabin quilt?!  Well, I'm tired of making it!  It's lovely, but seriously time consuming.

We're now up to 60 blocks!  75% done! Amazing!

20 more blocks to go! I can do this! (side note: I am going to be SO glad when we move and I'll have more space to lay out my quilts.  This little living room is hardly fitting it!)

Here are the darling little girls, Omi and Kio.  They always get so excited when I'm on the floor, but they don't understand that I'm not laying down a blanket for them to lay on!

In my log cabin break, I decided to try out Jeni's drawstring bag tutorial.  I have to admit that not long into sewing it together, I fell in love with the bag!  Total love.

I made this for a friend (why am I always making things for people?) out of only the fabrics that I had laying around that I didn't already have plans for... which is why it's not super matchy... (I'm still working on that whole stash building thing...)  The main exterior fabric is McKenzie by Dena, the top is Heirloom by Joel Dewberry, the inside is Lost and Found by Jen Allyson, and the ties are Dottie Cream Teal by Jay-Cyn.  After reading the tutorial several times I couldn't quite wrap my brain around it, but once I was actually making it, it was totally easy.  Jeni put together a fabulous tutorial!

I'm expecting a box from Fabricworm today or tomorrow and I know just what to do with my new arrivals!!  My husband loved it too and I even got clearance to buy the pattern for all the sizes!  It was definitely exciting to work on something other than that curved log cabin quilt, but now I just want to make more, and more, and more...


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