Monday, October 29, 2012

Making it Happen Monday

Happy Monday, friends!

I got up super early this morning and I have been hard at work.  We are now 21 days away from closing on the house, so I seriously need to buckle down and get things done!

First of all, let's recap on last weeks goals:

  • Pack the guest bathroom: nope
  • Pack the coat closet: nope
  • Finish 40 blocks for my Dad's quilt, Body and Sole: A resounding YES! I actually got all 80 blocks done!!
  • Finish binding my sister's quilt, Apples in the Orchard: Yes!!
  • Find backing and binding for my biological father's quilt, the Curved Log Cabin: Yes!!! I'll share those fabrics later this week!
  • Make 2 bags from Jeni's pattern: Yes!
Drawstring Bags

The outer fabric for the bigger bag is by Bonnie and Camille, the inside is Kona Steel, and the drawstrings are Sew Stitchy by Aneela Hoey.  The main outer fabric for the smaller bag is Circa *50 by Monaluna, the little top part is Habitat by Jay McCarroll, the inside is Sew Stitchy by Aneela Hoey, and the drawstrings are Oh Deer! by MoMo.

Now, I would like to qualify my seeming lack of packing... My packing plan was made around a guest that we were supposed to have over the weekend.  This guest cancelled on Friday, so instead of packing the guest bathroom and coat closet, I worked on the living room hard core.  We have three bookcases full of books and I packed about 96.8% of those books and took a part one the one bookcase that can be taken a part.  Trust me, it was productive!  This morning I packed the rest of the books now I just have some rather large trinkets that need to find their way into a box left on those shelves.  

So, here is this week's list of things that I need to make happen!

  • Put together the quilt top for my Dad's quilt
  • Find and buy backing for my Dad's quilt
  • Put the backing for my biological father's quilt together
  • Pack the guest bathroom
  • Pack the coat closet
  • Finish packing the living room
  • Pack pictures/paintings
I am particularly sad about that last one... When Jake and I first moved here, the apartment was super empty.  This was for two reasons: One, we didn't have a lot of furniture anyway.  Two, we had a TON of stuff in my aunt's basement in Virginia.  To make our apartment less empty, I covered the walls in pictures.  Gradually, when we had our belongings from Virginia and we had more money, we bought paintings.  The things that are on my walls are all meaningful to me and I love looking at them.  I would take them down later in the process, but Jake needs to fill all the holes and we need to paint over the patches.  I need to make sure that he has ample time to do so without feeling overwhelmed.  

Anyways, I am determined to accomplish this list! 3 weeks is not a lot of time!

Since it's been a long post already, I just want to express my thankfulness for high school friends that are still good friends.  I love them and I wouldn't trade our friendships for anything.  Enjoy a few high school pictures: 

Have a great day!


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