Saturday, October 13, 2012

Apples in the Orchard: All quilted!

Here is my sister's quilt all quilted!

AVB Quilted

It is SO exciting for me to have this all quilted!  Look how cute it is all rolled up!  This is my second big WIN this week and I feel great about the work I've done!

Next week I'll be introducing my third quilt that I want to complete for Christmas gifts!  This third one is for my dad and I strategically saved this one for last because I knew that if I got tired or burnt out by the other quilts, I would have the knowledge that this is for my dad to spurn me on!  I don't feel like I need the push, but I'm grateful that it's there if I do need it!


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  1. Awesome, totally totally awesome!! Love purple, would love that quilt. :)


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