Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Body and Sole: Introduction

Hurray for the middle of the week!

I haven't been as productive so far this week as I would have liked, but I'm kicking it into gear!!

Today, I want to share with you my next quilt!  This is the last one that I am giving as a Christmas gift this year.  The pattern is called Body and Sole and it is out of the An Apple a Day Pattern book by The Quilted Fish.  This is the same pattern book that I did the Core Essentials journal pages (which still isn't done...) and the Apples in the Orchard quilt that I have been making for my sister.  Just like I altered the pattern a bit for my sister, I'm altering this one, too.  The pattern includes a pocket on the back of the quilt for feet and foot warmers.  While this is a super awesome addition to this, or any quilt, this quilt is for my dad and he's a paraplegic, so he won't get much use out of it!  Other than that I intend on making this quilt as the pattern suggests.

Body and Sole Quilt

I have not purchased the sashing fabric yet, but it will probably be some Kona variety.  The print is Spa by Deb Strain.  I just love those blues!

I am super excited to start on this quilt, but I am still unfortunately trying to get some of those other WIPs done!!  Today will be a successful day, though... I'm determined!!

What do you want to get started on, but refuse to indulge yourself until you finish up other things?  Or do you just indulge anyway?!  If you do, good for you! Life is short.  (eat dessert first!)

Also, here's the latest of my babies.  I can never get over how cute they are!

Kio and Omi


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