Monday, October 15, 2012

Quilt Shop Review: Material Girls Quilts

More times than not, if I head to Pine Needles then my next stop is Material Girls Quilts.  I find this quilt shop so inspiring.  It's bigger than Pine Needles, but they also have a different selection of fabric, so it depends on what you're looking for.  Most of their collection of fabric is stored based on color.  The newest collections and the seasonal fabrics are stored in shelves and dot the main floor space.

Due to their huge selection, I feel like once a fabric goes into it's color section, it has a tendency to get lost.  This can be a good thing or a bad thing.  It's great because when I actually dedicate some time to sweeping those color sections, I find such gems that I thought had been sold out!  Just recently I found a bolt of Joel Dewberry's Woodgrain fabric - which I LOVE.  (I thought that the fat quarter that I bought last fall was all I was ever going to have!)  The disappearance of fabrics into the color section can be a bad thing because if you're looking for a specific print, you might search forever and in vain.  Another thing that Material Girls does is they keep fat quarters in the color section, long after the bolt is gone.  It's another chance that you might find that fabric that you thought was gone...

They also have a pretty good selection of traditional fabrics, felt, and Japanese imports (although no Echino Decoro...).  As far as solids go, they have a bigger selection than Pine Needles, but still not Kona solids.

Material Girls carries a TON of patterns and books.  This is awesome, but it can be overwhelming.  Patterns and samples cover every inch of the walls and on top of all the shelves.  Most of the time when I go, I take one sweep through the entire floor looking at just fabric and then another just to look at patterns and examples.  If you're looking for a project, you're pretty likely to find one there!

One down side to Material Girls is that they don't have a large selection of pre-cuts.  I really enjoy pre-cuts and some times I'll search for a project, just so I can buy that cute little package of fabric!

The staff at Material Girls is really awesome.  It's primarily a mother-daughter duo and they seem to work together great!  They are super sweet, helpful, and always curious about what you're going to do with the fabric you're buying!

They also have three quilters that come to the store to pick up quilts to quilt.  They all have a week turn around and they drop them off at the store.  How awesome is that?!  For more information about these quilters, check out Nadine's blog post on them!

I haven't been there in a while, but I'm excited to go back and see what's new!

Have a great Monday, friends!


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