Monday, October 22, 2012

Make It Happen Monday

Good afternoon, friends!

I got a SUPER slow start to the day due to some accidental sleeping in... but the important thing is that I'm up and ready to work now!

Well, as we are now 28 days away from closing on our house, it is most certainly GO time.  I got a lot done last week, but not enough...  for example, here is what I have so far for my dad's quilt, Body and Sole:

Seriously? Not a single stitch sewn.

So, I wanted to share with you a list of things that I need to MAKE HAPPEN this week! (in no particular order)

1.  Pack guest bathroom
2.  Pack everything in the coat closet
3.  Finish sewing the binding down on my sister's quilt, Apples in the Orchard
4.  Complete 40 blocks on my dad's quilt
5.  Find backing and binding for my biological father's quilt, the Curved Log Cabin
6. Make two more drawstring bags from Jeni's pattern

Does that seem like too much?  I hope not!  I'll certainly keep you posted!

Have a great day!


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