Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Curved Log Cabin Quilt: 50 Blocks

Good morning friends!

I got another 10 blocks done! Now I can say that I'm more than halfway!

This picture shows the width and half of the length.  It's seriously gorgeous.

Here is Omi, my faithful side kick.  She was beside me the whole time and here she is chewing on a bone!

After I picked up all the blocks Omi spread out on the living room floor.  She's like, "I'm exhausted, Mama." She's so cute!!

I am so glad that laying all the blocks out on the floor is so rewarding because as I sew those "logs" together I just get tired of grey and white! I'm definitely glad my dad's quilt is made with prints.  If I had another solids quilt, I'd go crazy!

Well, I have other projects calling my name! I'll share those soon!


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